Wordpress - multiple login?

Im pretty new to WordPress but would like to give it a shot. My one requirement is that it be able to let three three different groups of people ‘log in’ to the site to be able to access different sections of the site?

Is this possible in wordpress?

I’m not sure if this has been answered anywhere or not, but I need this info also. If anyone has information on this subject, it would be greatly appreciated!!

I guess you are talking about your own domain. If you have your own site and WP installed it is surely possible, you can create multiple accounts and can assign them rights also

So yes, lets say I had three different sections to my wordpress site…

Board Of Directors

To get into or view any info in the Employees section you have to log in. And when you log in these users can only view Patients and Employee sections, they cant view the Board OF Directors section.

To get into or view the Board Of Directors section you have to log in, and when you log in these users can only view the Patients and Board Of Directions info and cannot access the Employees content.

I hope that makes it more clear…

And if you still believe I can do this, are there any plugins I need to install and config ?