WordPress Migrations Made Easy

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In this article, we’re going to cover the various ways you can migrate your website to WordPress.

If the fear of content migration is keeping you from transferring from an old website to a new one, or the phrase ‘data migration’ sends chills up your spine, then you’ve landed on the right page. In this article, I plan on tackling the most common concerns about WordPress website migration and providing all the necessary information and pointers to help eradicate your fears.

Migrations are something that many site owners do not feel very comfortable with, and for good reason. But, despite the fact that the task is really tedious and requires a vast amount of resources to be done properly, data migration is not a rocket science. At its simplest, it can be summed up as matching the database fields of the source website with the database fields of the target site (for the purposes of this article, the existing site will be called the source site and the new site will be called the target site).

Website owners have two methods of content migration at their disposal:

  • Manual (copying and pasting every piece of content)
  • Automated (with the help of online converters)
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Personally, I use Duplicator (available through Wordpress Plugin Directory), a Wordpress plugin which compresses all the website files, along with a database dump into a ZIP file and creates a PHP file which automates the extraction of that ZIP file, and the reconfiguration of the site to a new domain.

All you do is upload the ZIP and PHP file into an empty folder, access the PHP file through a browser, and follow the bouncing ball. Impossibly simple.

I had done manual migrations, or semi-automated migrations tons of times before I found this plugin. I’d never go back, and can’t think of a reason why I would use anything but Duplicator.

WP Migrate DB is a great plugin

Tried CMS2CMS and just ended up with an SQL dump file :frowning:

For users with no programming knowledge automated migration service is the best option. Moreover, plugins those mentioned above, are suitable only for migration from one WP to another. If you want to migrate from other platforms, such as Joomla or Drupal, you need to keep relations and to convert tables in a proper way. Believe me, it’s not an easy thing.

You used CMS2CMS Preview website for migration and service provided you with dump.
This dump is adopted for your target site (redirects, images etc.) and the file includes simple instruction how you can extract your content.

Yep - tried it. Didn’t work basically.

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