Wordpress jquery

Wordpress jquery

Hi all

I have a super simple WP site here as a demo


It’s a header.php, footer.php, index.php and page.php.

I have one page called Page that uses page.php as it’s template. The header list the pages so has ‘Page’ in the header.

Page.php simple has <h4 id=“oneBtn”>Red</h4>

In header.php I have this jquery to change the color of #oneBtn when the button in the header in clicked.

<script type="text/javascript">

    	$('#nav li a').click(function(){


This doesn’t work and I can’t see why.

Once the page has loaded and the Page button in the header is clicked again

Where is the #nav element?

the #nav element is in the header.php

It seems with your wordpress page that you’ll need to use jQuery instead of $

I’m using jQuery now but still having the same problem

It’s symptoms that look the same (it doesn’t work) but that are now caused by a different problem.
Step by step, fixing one thing at a time. That’s how such things are resolved.

The HTML tags for your script tag doesn’t seem to be complete now.