[Wordpress, Joomla] Theme with rich graphics (gym, fitness, sport)

I’ve found out that most WordPress themes are very minimalistic in terms of graphics. They only contain basic elements + usually large animated slider (taking half of screen), which is not what I’m looking for. Such themes are not really useful if you don’t have truly professional, beautiful images to populate sliders and image rotators. Perhaps I might have more luck with Joomla?

I need really well designed, beautiful, rich in graphics theme with premium support if possible. Topic is: gym, fitness, sport in general and classic company presentation.

Where may I found such themes? There are so, so many websites that offer Wordpress and Joomla themes so I’m really struggling here since I’ve never really deeply investigated them. I know that Themeforest is good, are there any other good alternatives?

Thanks for help.

If you’re not finding what you’re looking for on free theme sites, you may have to take a look at some of the premium theme websites. Or, build your own.

Or hack modify one.