WordPress is good or Joomla for making good website with online payment option

hi everyone i am getting confuse over word press vs Joomla which one i choose to move forward for work better on my nest project,
The project have online payment option, is the wordpress have these facility to make online payment facility or Joomla is good to make online payment,
and second thing inform me what payment method joomla using and wordpress also.
I want your suggestion.

Thanks In Advanced

Both will do what you want, but there are also better options than both. Each has multiple ways to set up an online cart, too. So I’m afraid you have a bit of research to do. What information have you found so far?

you may also try open cart.

Hii RohitTripathi,

I think you should go for Wordpress CMS. It has many plugins, widgets and themes as compared to any other CMS. There are many tutorials and information available for wordpress as compared to other CMS even a layman can understand wordpress after going through the tutorials. Wordpress and joomla both are good for online payment option. :wink:

Wordpress have a lot of plugins to accommodate such feature. So does Joomla. But it really boils down to which is more user-friendly to you - you don’t want to spend time learning to use different system. Alternatively you can use Opencart.

i think that wordpress is easier to do it.

Either of the two, I would use Joomla. I simply find Wordpress to be always lacking in security.

I would like to Thank’s Everyone.

So do I. Joomla is one of my favorite web, i rarely use Wordpress because sometimes i was hacked

I go with Joomla.

1 WP gets updates every couple of weeks. Plugins wont get updated that fast unless they you have a paid version of it. If this is for client,you might leave him with not safe or not functioning site properly.
2. Virtue mart for Joomla looks better imo and delivers more then any most WP plugins if talking about some strange payment gateways.

Dont know about Joomla safety much,but updates are not that frequent,as to their user guide,they should be updating every 6 months to new stable/safe version. That looks much better from random user perspective. Joomla can be bit confusing if you are used to WP,I’m still finding new things on it :smiley: GL

I have to second this opinion, provided your website is a standard ecommerce kind of platform.
Anything special and involved - you want Joomla.

[FONT=Verdana]I have never used either so can’t comment from experience, but I’m surprised at the view that Joomla! is more secure. See this post in another thread:


Like @ralph.m ; has suggested, I’d not contain your options so narrowly. There are so many good tools out there, some open-source, some commercial.

WordPress is good, but I’m not sure I’d use it for a store. As has been said, hackers are infatuated with WordPress and the chances for you to eventually get hacked aren’t all that slim… So, if you do go with WordPress for eCommerce, I’d go above and beyond to make sure that you’re not opening yourself up to hackers. There are quite a few articles on the net that illustrate the measures you can take to make the system as secure as possible.

I don’t know if you value good code, but if you do, then you need to know that it takes an impressive amount of work and effort to accomplish that with WordPress, and in some cases, it’s impossible to take advantage of WordPress’ inbuilt features without losing a large portion of control over your code. If you don’t care about the quality, lack of flexibility and complexity (bloat) of your code, then this point is redundant, obviously. WordPress is a good tool and has a lot going for it, depending on what you want to do with it and how.

As for Joomla, there seem to be quite a few people who like this CMS, but I must say that it’s one of the worst CMSes I’ve had the displeasure of using. I find it bloated and unintuitive. I’d not touch it again, not with a ten-foot pole.

You have been somewhat vague on what kind of eCommerce functionality you’re aiming for. Other than looking at the various CMS tools out there, e.g. ExpressionEngine, MODx, Perch, Statamic, etc. you should see what inbuilt or third-party eCommerce add-ons/plugins are available for each of these systems and which best match your requirements. Some eCommerce software vendors offer integration tools for some CMSes, so that’s something you could research as well.

You may also want to look at hosted eCommerce solutions. I think a hosted solution (e.g. Shopify) is something to truly consider, particularly if you’re new to eCommerce as it really isn’t something to take lightly, especially not if you’re dealing with credit card payments and vulnerable data.

If you need very simple eCommerce capabilities as opposed to a fully featured online store, then perhaps a simple shopping cart system might be all that’s needed.

I might get attacked for saying this but I don’t know anybody in my own personal network who still uses Joomla for anything. I have no idea why I would even consider using it. But WordPress is as popular as it ever was.

Joomla is so easy and intuitive. Very easy for clients to administer after a handover. Wordpress is excellent for blogging. Both same when it comes to carts in my opinion

I prefer joomla is the best option for web developers, it offers lots of good features.