Wordpress image uploader?

I am developing a new theme and I have a question about image sizes. I noticed that if I drag and drop an image into the up loader, there are four images that appear in the uploads folder. In the past when add an image size into the functions.php folder, I would get that image size plus some others. I don’t want 7 or more images created every time I upload an image. Do you have a great method for managing images that get uploaded?

That’s odd I’ve never ran into that problem before, Sounds like more of a bug to me. Are you running the latest version of WordPress?? Also, i guess if all else fails theres always uploading via FTP. Could even run FileZilla into the public_html/images folder and drag and drop or use WebDisk for the matter (if your not running Windows 7 that is.)

Try this:-

Open WordPress’ WP Admin and go to “Settings > Media”.

Delete the height & width in all the “Thumbnails” boxes.

Click save.

See if that works :slight_smile:

You have to update your wordpress version. Also check the advance settings of the image after you uploaded an image.