WordPress image add-on

I’ve been trying to find a WordPress image plug-in, it’s not that I can’t find any, it’s that the ones that I’ve found do not take existing images and apply them to the images already in my posts.

I’m looking for one that will pop-up the image when it is clicked, I did have one it wasn’t update for wordpress 3.1. Any suggestions ?

A while ago I literally went though nearly half of the image plug-ins on Wordpress site, I haven’t done that in a little while but I don’t want to do it again.

All the lightbox type plugins should work. You just have to adjust the jQuery selector they use to target the images to match your theme HTML. While it’s not works-out-of-the-box, changing one line of code should take a lot less time then installing and messing with dozens of plugins.

Oh then I should go into the image add-on I have installed, that I did like and see how I can adjust the jQuery, never thought about that :slight_smile:

There are only (3) jQuery scripts for this specific plug-in, what needs to be added or edited so the add-on will execute for all images ?


I’ve used the Slimbox image plugin for WordPress before:
Slimbox Wordpress Plugin

It creates that lovely self sizing image which expands as you click on it to overlay the image in the center of the page, similar to the Lightbox image overaly :rofl:

Does it work on existing images which are in posts?

Yes, it can apply itself to all new and existing images automatically, which is why I thinks its fab as an image plugin.:slight_smile:

By default, it will only apply itself to images where you have added a rel=”lightbox” attribute on the image, but if you look at the second paragraph about Installation on the plugin homepage I posted the link to above, you’ll see that its says how it is simple to have it apply to all images without needing the rel=“lightbox” attribute:

"If you want to add automatically the lightbox effect to your post’s images, open lighbox.php and remove the comment ‘//’ from lines 21 to 24.

Good to hear, I’m going to first try to first modify the code in the jQuery on the add-on I’m currently using. :slight_smile: