WordPress : How to add an icon (camera) to post title indicating video content

The client wants a few things. First, to show an icon of a camera next to the post title (in the main Loop) when the post contains a video clip.

Do I need to use category tags or a custom post type to identify which posts get the icon? If so, how does this alter the default Loop query. I’m still getting the hang of the various ways of querying the posts although I’m adept with php.

Also, the client wants the video hidden at first. I can do this with jQuery. Clicking the post title would reveal the video (actually just a screenshot). Then clicking the “video screen” would launch a lightbox clone plugin.

Thanks in advance

Try working with custom values, the following code should help you retrieve them:

<?php get_post_custom_values("video"); ?>

A simple if call should do the trick. Otherwise this could be achieved via a custom hook.

Many thanks for the tips on both of my posts.

I solved this one with minor modifications. I basically checked to see if the post was in category (video) and if so, added a camera icon. Then, to see the video instead of what would normally be the excerpt, I did the same thing in the deffault Loop and displayed the_content() instead so that the video appears instead. But I will use your tip for other needs.

Anytime! Best of luck on your adventures with Wordpress!