Wordpress Default Theme: Modifying header image and location of blog title

I’m trying to modify the header http://miracleswimming.com/full-training/
however this theme’s custom header option only allows me to change the font color. I would like to change the image on the right and move the words “Instructor Training” more to the left.


You can change those things by accessing the style.css file. For example, around line 38 there is this:

#header {
background: #73A0C5 url('images/[COLOR="#FF0000"]kubrickheader.jpg[/COLOR]') no-repeat top center;
height: 145px;

… which sets the logos via a single background image. You could change the image the style sheet points to.

Around line 101 there is this:

h1 {
font-size: 3em;
color: #006;
text-align: center;
padding-left: [COLOR="#FF0000"]50px[/COLOR];

You can change the padding to move the heading to the left. For example, change 50px to 20px to move the heading to the left.

Thanks again Ralph! I didn’t think to look in wp-content for kubrickheader.jpg.

pres f12 when you are in your browser and then start “debugging” :slight_smile: