Wordpress blog has stopped working all of a sudden - help required pls

Our blog at http://www.azam.info was working perfectly for months and months and has now suddenly stopped working. We haven’t changed a single thing for weeks related to this blog and its files, including editing any file, adding or removing any plugin, or making any other change.

After studying the error message we were originally presented with in various places, I was referred to the fact that the file permission for index.php may have become 000. I checked and it had been.

I changed that to 644 as recommended in various places.

However, this blog, which is very important for us, still doesn’t work, and we can’t access a single page on it.

Can anyone kindly suggest how this can be fixed please?

I cannot access the site either. It is impossible to provide assistance when you can’t see what the problem is. Can you post the error message you were getting? Also, check the permissions of other files in your Wordpress installation to see if they were screwed up as well.

Hello Azam.net,
Where was your blog uploaded onto ? Maybe your hosting subscription ran out ? Also, check the .htaccess file for any corruption.