WordPress blog and Joomla website

I have Joomla website with blog on it, but like you know Joomla is not as fast as WordPress, so I created blog in WordPress and add it on subdomain (blog.myjoomlasite.com <- it’s only example)

My question is, have someone expreinece with this Joomla or WordPress website and other CMS as subdomain?

Because, after I took backup with akeeba backup component, I got all files including those from subdomain, but database file I got only for Joomla website. I do not even need it for blog, because I can get it over wordpress dashbord.

I got no experience with that… If i where you i would only go for WordPress and just make use of the network plugin to have different type of sites.

Is it possible to redirect your blog to the subdomain?

Why don’t do custom? It’s preferable

Well you do have components that show wordpress blog inside joomla. you can check the joomla extensions directory.

Yes I redirected blog on subdomain, reason why I simple, those are two sites, and it’s faster if you have only one site with blog, if you add wordpress blog component on joomla site it’s the same, you will have slower site. I know how much take blog on my site before.