Wordpress based DigitalOcean hosted site error


Currently my Wordpress based site is hosted in Greengeeks.
I wanted to try out DigitalOcean and I found out about Bitnami Launchpad too.

So, I created a LAMP stack using Bitnami DigitalOcean Launchpad and moved a copy of my site

Then I noticed one problem.
I will refer the site hosted in GreenGeeks (one WITHOUT any problem) as “Live Site”
and the site with problem as “Dev Site”.

In Dev Site, problem occurs in Register Page. After user enter details and click Register;

it just reloads. What it should do after clicking register is show a different page

mentioning user is required activate the account.

I thought it would make much more sense if I “show you” this error. So please take a look at

this vid (62 seconds long):

It can’t be a problem of my site source code, because if it is, then it shouldn’t work on

Greengeeks too.
I assume I should be missing some kind of server module.
I just can’t figure it out.

So any help to figure out what could be the problem is very much appreciated.

I have the php info of both sites. Im not sure if its safe to post them in public. Let me

know if you need to know.


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What is the code for that login form? Specifically, the destination URL. I suspect you did not alter the domain name appropriately when ‘moving’ the site.

{The video was a smart idea. :thumbsup: }

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This is the code:

I used this:

to replace my domain name to the Dev Site IP address.

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