Wordpress 3.5 update and problem

When i update my wordpress blog after few hours many person say me about my blog “loading speed is low” and when i login my admin panel i want to backup my all data then i face many problem. any one can tell me what problem wordpress last update 3.5?

What? Can you please detail the issues you are experience again? I’m not following your question(s) at all.

actually when i update my blog"wordpress cms" then my website loading very slowly. have problem on latest wordpress version?

I’d start by disabling plugins one at a time, to see if any of those could be the culprit. If they are, then you at least can disable that plugin and notify the author of it about your problem.

If that isn’t the problem, it could be a Wordpress Core issue, but I still highly doubt it.

After I did update to WordPress 3.5 my blog loading much faster.