Wordpress 3.0 Broke My Funcion! (Using Regular Expressions)

I had Wordpress 2.7 installed, and was using a function that would list all the children of the given page ID, but would remove the link (<a> tag) from the the parent links…

It’s a site for a church, and under the “about us” section, they have 4 area’s of information, Doctrine, Foursquare, Leadership, and New Life. Each of those pages have children giving more information about that area…

Here’s what it looks like:

My problem is that before upgrading to wordpress 3.0, the function that i’m using worked perfectly. It would remove the links from the parent links of the 4 area’s… but ever since I’ve upgraded I haven’t been able to figure out why it dosen’t remove the links anymore…

Any suggestions would be great. And if none of this makes sense… I can try to clear up the problem alittle bit, just let me know…

Here’s the code:


function aboutChildren($id) {
	$pages = wp_list_pages('child_of='.$id.'&title_li=');  
	$pages = explode("</li>", $pages);  
	$count = 0;  
	foreach($pages as $page) {  
		if(strstr($page,"<ul>")) {  
			$page = explode('<ul>', $page);  
			$page[0] = str_replace('</a>','',$page[0]);  
			$page[0] = preg_replace('/\\<a(.*)\\>/','',$page[0]);  
			if(count($page) == 3) {  
				$page[1] = str_replace('</a>','',$page[1]);  
				$page[1] = preg_replace('/\\<a(.*)\\>/','',$page[1]);                  
		$page = implode('<ul>', $page);  
		$pages[$count] = $page;  
	$pages = implode('</li>',$pages);  
	echo $pages;  

Here’s how I’ve used it in the template file:

<ul class="listSections">
   //$children = wp_list_pages('child_of='.$post->ID.'&title_li=');
   $children = aboutChildren($post->ID);
   if ($children) { 
      echo $children;
   } ?>

Thanks again!