Word 2010 Hang Up Problem

I have researched the answers to this problem on the Microsoft website and online and nothing has given me good enough direction to resolve it. I realize this isn’t a website issue but it is a tech issue and I am hoping someone can help. My Word 2010 used to work properly now it has issues. I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling. It hangs up and the icon spins when I try to insert a picture and just keeps spinning. Then I have to end task get get out of it. I was able to cut and paste pictures into word without it hanging up by opening the picture folder, copying and pasting into word. But it’s a real pain.Any suggestions for what to do. I have Windows 8.

Try stopping the service in Windows called “Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service”, it’s one that is only needed if you share your media libraries with other users on your LAN. I found locally that once I disabled it I saw a noticeable increase in performance of my computer.

Also, it might be easier if you could check the Events Viewer and tell us the exact error it gives. Sometimes it helps (unfortunately, not always)

It might be the file is too big. I experience that sometimes then only to find out that my inserted picture have large amount of file.