Woocommerce Questions


I an new to Wocommerce and I have a customer that wants the following:

This customer has a number of clients that purchase a specific subset of the products. Each subset is different based on the client. Each client also gets specific pricing on each of the items.

So Client A may buy Hats and T-Shirts at 25% off, while client B can buy Hoodies and Sweats at 10% off, while client C can buy Hats and Sweats at 20% off.

Is there a way to restrict, based on member login username, what products are visible as well as specify the price point?

Have you looked on their official support site? That’s normally the first port of call http://support.woothemes.com/hc/

Yes I have and wasn’t able to find anything about this - and this is why posted here.

Possible, yes, easy, no.

Basically, you have to keep the information of who gets a lower price for which item and since Woocommerce is, basically, WordPress you will have to do it in WP format.

I would think that you would have to create your own plugin for this

you can use product attributes and limitations associated with the installation acount
to choose, if still not okay in my opinion you should use custom javascript and jquery plugins