Woocommerce new categories/tag with highlight menu for current page

I would like to make a widget just like this site. https://www.ssongwatches.com/collections/watches ( See the All watches, Military, Diver, Pilots, .etc parts ).

This is currently what I made. http://effectiveadvisory.com/wingwah-may/

I just hacked it from a sidebar using woocommerce tags. The problems are I cant highlight the menu for current tag page and also I cant add “All watches” option as there is no default tag for all watches. Also, I cant use woocommerce categories/attributes as I used it for something else.

My question is, is there any additional plugin or something for me to add new “categories/options” for this and display it as a widget where it can highlight the current option at the menu just like the brands sidebar or the navbar menu?

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