Woocommerce - Create a separate shop page and archive-products page



So, the title says it all. I'm looking to have two archive pages just one that is specifically for my shop page and the other that is basically a category archive. Because Woocommerce only enables ajax functions on archive pages creating a separate template and custom loop for my shop page would also require me to create custom ajax function for loading more products and adding to cart plus a few others. I'd rather not do any of that if I can help it. But my "shop" page is designed to be distinctly different from my archive pages. Is there no way to assign another page to an archive? Something like archive-shop or archive-product-category??? With WordPress, I can create as many archive, page or single type files as I want. Is this not possible in Woocommerce? Are there alternatives? I'm all ears.


Did you try to add a second archive page: archive-product.php to your woocommerce plugin?

You can change your woocommerce by adding a woocommerce folder to your theme folder, and copying all the woocommerce files that you want to change into that folder.

WordPress will use any of those pages instead of the equivalent ones in the woocommerce plugin folder. So make a new file archive-product.php in that folder and edit the code there to pick up the items that you want to display.


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