Woocommerce adding wrong keyword in the title

I have a comics ecommerce website. And in the title of every page I am seeing a different keyword added.
For example on the diamond comics product page I see Raj comics added in the title. Similarly every other product and category page has Raj comics added at the end of it.
Can you suggest why this is happening. I saw the source it is not there it is only showing in Google search results.

examples below


please suggest.

If it’s only appearing in Google search results, and is not in the page source, then it would seem to be Google which is inserting the term, rather than woocommerce.

Hi TechnoBear, thanks for the reply, is there any way I can prevent Google from doing this.

In my experience, Google does what Google does, and it’s very hard to influence that.

This article explains why title text may sometimes appear differently in search results:

There’s another article here on creating good title and description text, the theory being that the better the text you supply, the greater the chance that Google will use it:

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Thanks TechnoBear
god bless

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