With Fixed Header, Submenu Hides

On this page (and subsequent), I fixed the header to the top of the page and now the submenu for ‘MOre Categories’ seems to be hiding. I don’t see it hiding behind the slider, as I’ve tested it with displaying the slider to ‘display: none’ (and other elements) and I’ve tweaked the z-index for not only the but the tag as well and maybe I’m not layering it correctly?

Can someone tell me where I’m not fixing this correctly?

Thank you.

Seems to work fine if JS is disabled, so I would suggest looking into the JavaScripts.

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There seem to be a number of !important modifiers in the CSS, too. Usually, not a sign of well written code. Just suggesting that you might want to examine how the CSS is arranged. Specificity and cascade and all that.

Yes, well, unfortunately, I didn’t create the site. So I’m just asked to make certain modifications.

This div contains some inline styles, probably being applied by JS.

If you disable “left” and “height”, the menu appears when hovered.

I cannot tell you how to fix the JS.

<div class="floatck" style="width: 380px; left: -999em; height: 0px;">

I’m not sure that’s a solid solution. I need the menu to be visible on hover. Using your suggestion, makes the submenu visible, even without hovering.

I’m not making suggestions to fix the issue, just offering observations that might help you find the cause. I do not do JS.

Disabling that inline style seems to work for me because this rule keeps the menu off-screen left until it is hovered.

https://www.actionequipmentrentals.com/modules/mod_maximenuck/themes/default/css/moo_maximenuhck.css (line 86)

div.maximenuckh ul.maximenuck li div.floatck {
    background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) url("../images/transparent.gif") repeat scroll 0 0;
    left: -999em;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;
    position: absolute;

Thank you for the eyes, ronpat. I’m still trying to figure out a workaround.

What’s interesting is that this is using the same menu methodology and the submenu works fine.

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