Wisconsin governor to sign bill to aid the blind/visually impaired

It’s one state in one country but this was a nice little blurb to read:

It’s basically a bill to extend current requirements that textbooks be available to students in a format the blind and visually impaired can use from just public elementary and secondary school to universities etc.

But what stood out to me was this line (emphasis mine):

That’s an interesting statistic. I would like to see where it comes from, but it’s certainly something to keep in mind as web developers who are wondering if the 3% number that’s been floating around is true… if you’re developing for a country that has veterans in combat, you may have higher rates of disabled visiting your site or using your app than what other statistics mention.

Although such a bill has good intentions, I personally don’t believe more government regulations of this kind are good. I don’t mean to sound political on a section which doesn’t really call for it.

The other option is, leave the blind sitting at home without books. Because you may have noticed, nobody makes textbooks for the blind and visually-impaired out of their own free will. If not laws, then what? Compassion? Companies (and schools) don’t run on compassion.

Discussion on whether government involvement belongs in an area should be okay on the forums, so long as it doesn’t start going necessarily into specific governments (though of course my post mentions a country and a politician…).

WOW !This has got to be the first thing he does right!

As much as I love Madison… I have to say they have a ‘Walker’ problem, and I don’t mean Zombies.

Thanks for sharing, Stommey.