Winners of the Oracle JavaOne! You won a $75 pass

I was definitely excited to see the email this morning… but it turns out that I’ve won ‘Discovery’ pass which does not jave access to tech sessions (the meat of the conference)

Here’s the detail of what you get for ‘Discovery’

Anyways, I don’t think I can convince my boss to let me go to JavaOne for ‘Discovery’ pass. This is just FYI for all the winners. If you want my DISCOVERY voucher code then just PM me.

Maybe some of you won the real ‘Java One’ pass and I just got a lower prize.

Hi, if you are not going to use the Discover Pass, can I have it? It would be great to go check it out.



So it turns out I’ve got a Full Conference Pass to the upcoming JavaOne conference next week October 25-29. I’m willing to sell it at a huge discount or possibly just give it away. PM me if you are interested. Thanks!

Hey @jstoddard, I moved your post here, so others who took part of our contest may find it quicker.

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