Windows 10 auto Update Problem


I purchased asus laptop having windows 10 pre installed in it. I am facing the issue of auto update. Whenever i switch on, it stars updating and takes more than 30min in finishing the update. This happens everytime i switch on the laptop. I tried this method , but it did not work.

It is really frustrating.

Plz someone help me solve this.


Windows 10 updates are cumulative, so i would be surprised that it would run more than once.

If you look at your Update History, is it actually installing an update every time?


When I search I do find a few instances of updates repeating. A generic cause could be that there was a problem the first time the update ran.

You do not tell us what specific update it is. If you search for problems with that specific update repeating then you might find it is a known problem.

See Windows Update log files - Windows Deployment. There might be errors in the log. And/or use the Windows Update Troubleshooter.

Also you could look in the Event Viewer. There might be messages there. Do you know how to use the Event Viewer? In it look in the following two places but I am not an expert, I am not sure where is the most appropriate place to look in the Event Viewer.

  • Windows Logs | System
  • Applications and Services Log | Microsoft | Windows | WindowsUpdateClient

If you goto Settings → Windows Update → OS build info

Scroll down to "Windows specifications, what does it show for Version and OS build?

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