Will this be a high converting site?



My team is finishing up with a new web site. The target customer is a company or agency that needs to improve water quality, specifically turbidity (dirty stuff) reduction. The dirty water is often a construction site or manufacturing facility. It's also a problem for some communities dealing with stormwater run-off.

Anyway, if you were someone that had this responsibility and you found this site via a targeted Facebook post, Google search or even a targeted email, would you be inclined to fill out our form? If not, what are we missing?

The test area URL is http://web7.jrd4.net - please have a look.



It's a bit difficult to answer that, as I'm not in the relevant sector and have no experience and no knowledge of other sites with which to compare it. The site is clean, clear and informative. It seems to me to have enough general information to be useful, but not so much as to be overwhelming. However, I'd like more information about what the "lab analysis" involves and what it will tell me before I would consider signing up.

I also notice that your "call to action" buttons are not keyboard accessible.


Same for me. I could see information about the "treatment" but not what the analysis and report would include. That, and because the form required every input to be filled, including some I would not feel comfortable about providing. I would be likely to leave unless maybe if I had seen a report from someone that recommended the treatment.

I think having a sample report could help some.


Thanks for the feedback. I'll work on getting a sample report from the client. I see what you mean on the tab keying to clickable buttons. I've been using an onclick javascript action on an image or div but I see where I may need to use an <a href="#"> for this type of link to be automatically detected for tabbing and hitting enter.


Thanks for the feedback. I'll work on getting a sample report from the client.


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