Will Google Nexus 7 satisfy my needs

The main reason I would like a Google Nexus 7 is for reading novels. I am curious to know if there is a better option and whether after reading the first novel I will revert to paperbacks.

My current lifestyle does not involve much travel so my hardware of a two screen desktop and an original iPhone is more than adequate. The latter is only used for reading emails and the latest BBC news. Everything else seems a struggle and can wait until I get onto the desktop.

I have read numerous reviews but not convinced that the purchase will become an expensive luxury that is seldom used.


why Google Nexus 7 and not other devices like The New Ipad or Samsung Galaxy?
i heard so many things about the samsung galaxy tab - it supports almost every format, you can download apps and books from the android market and mostly it’s open code (unlike the Ipad) - which let’s you do almost everything with this tablet.
also, in the past years - samsung really proved their proffesionalty in consumers gadgets.

so i would recommend on double check between the samsung and the google nexus.

The Nexus 7’s construction is rather impressive. the display is an IPS panel based on the viewing angles, which are superb off axis in the horizontal and vertical. Also Google has done something pleasant with the Nexus 7 by bundling a $25 Play Store credit when you sign in into Google account for the first time.

I can’t wait to get mine!. I Didn’t know that you get the 25 bucks of credit with it thats cool!

>>> The New Ipad or Samsung Galaxy?
There is a big difference in size and also the price. I prefer the smaller size making it more readily to use outside.

Yes the screen is good but I was not able to take advantage of the $25 Play Store credit.

Now I have one I can certainly recommend you get one ASAP.


YIPPEE - at long last it has arrived. No longer necessary to drool over the reviews.

A friend returned from a visit to the 'States with the 16 Gig version excluding import duty which made it a bargain at 250 USD. I am very fortunate because they are not available in this country, not even from the Google online store.

Very good initial impressions are the fast, clear responsive screen, processing speed, battery life, wealth of free applications and it is so easy to get Wifi connected. Also connected easily to desktop with the small cable although hardly necessary with applications such as Dropbox and Evernote. Voice capabilities well over 90% accurate and reminds me of Holly from Red Dwarf.

Disappointments in awkwardness to handle, quite heavy and definitely requires a case to prevent dropping. The protruding power button has received many choice words which hopefully have not been added to the dictionary. The camera is poor quality. Problems locally because fast Wifi connections are just not available and a SIM card would have made a big difference. I miss mouse right-clicking and the ease of cutting and pasting, the latter is possible but not simple.

Also a big disappointment with the book reader application. It just seemed alien and very heavy when reading in portrait mode. Landscape mode seems a lot lighter but screen width is far too wide. There are so many more options available that surely there must be at least one that suits my requirements. The “Read Aloud” mode raised a a smile and is very good although the female robotic voice needs improvement. It brings back memories of being read a story in bed :slight_smile: There are many other readers available which I will be trying soon.

The Translate App’ is impressive, not only text but also the surprisingly accurate speech input. Besides the usual “send to” numerous app’s a novel feature is to view the written results full screen. I am sure this could be a useful feature but if the translated language is not understood then problems are likey to occur. I would prefer to request and display an image which speaks…

The speech recognition also works well while browsing and is an excellent demonstration tool. Sometimes commands are returned spoken along with relevant Google searches, maps, weather reports, worldwide city times, exchange rates, arithmetic, maps,

Overall it is a big step which can only get better and hopefully Big Brother will learn that a local map of coffee houses is not a good substitute for the “bring me a coffee” request :frowning: