Will converting a column from enum to Varchar(20) cause data to be lost?


We have a column that is currently enum, containing a selection of possible choices that are at maximum 15 Chars.

We would like to change this column to be a Varchar(20), would this Alter keep the data in the current enum safe, that is convert them to be just Char data under the new Varchar(20) or will conversion from enum to Varchar cause the loss of data?

If yes, that is conversion from enum to varchat is not possible, what to you suggest as the best method to getting this objective realized?


Did you try?

I have been waiting for replies here as to whether the data will be Ok going
from enum to Varchar or not.
If not, then I would not want to try :slight_smile:

I meant try as in: test. Make a backup first. Or create a test table. And see what happens.
Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for an answer a bit more, I wouldn’t know the answer :slight_smile:

i don’t know the answer either

in order to test it, i’d have to build the table

but since you already have such a table, worldnews, you could test it for us and let us know

don’t forget to take a backup first