Will .com still be The King?

It depends, though. If you are a local business, serving just local customers, a country-specific domain can be an advantage, because people trust that they are dealing with someone local.

Yes it will! Because CTRL+Enter=.com (by default)


On a windows? Havent you tried that on your browser??

Just tried it. Doesn’t work.

Meh … typing “.com” is as easy as pressing a bunch of other keys anyway …

I think it will be the king !

I am ready for these new top level domains to begin in order to get a gauge on how they will be received. When should we start to see some of these across the net?

People have already started using .xxx

Ha ha, you had me seriously worried clicking that link. :lol:

somewhere i heard goolge will not index any .xxx pages…but reality is they did…

And statistically .com is still ruling and still fastest growing TLD…recently read an article where it said - 233 million domain names were registered in the first quarter of 2012…116.7 million .com + .net active domain names….so IMO .com is still the king…

To all that want to contribute to this thread, from now on “I think it will/won’t be king” answers must contain arguments as to why you think that, otherwise they will be considered fluff.

I just don’t see any domain extension giving .com a run for its money. When people think of internet, .com is what they think of. It will be the undisputed “king” of domains for sure. As for the CTRL+Enter for .com idea…I think it is brilliant but why not go a step further and make a .com key on the keyboard itself? I know a lot of mobile devices like my iPhone have it.

Can’t help but notice Buntell (the original poster) has not been back since his 1st and only post on this forum.

Indeed. Thread closed. :slight_smile: