Will .com still be The King?


With many new domain extensions on the way, will .com still be The King ?

Please advice.

Thank you.


of what, specifically?

King of tld’s

We’ll have to see if people stop saying dot com millionaires, and start saying dot me dot uk millionaires …

on what basis?

if you go by the number of domain names registered, it certainly is at the top

is that all this thread is about? will .com continue to have the most domain names?


IMHO .com will still be most ‘thought of’ for a number of years yet. The new opportunity for a much greater diversity of TDLS has just begun and until this become available for public consumption and become more used .com will rule.


Chances are .com will continue to rule until the whole “domain” thing becomes a thing of the past.

I doubt many people care what comes after the dot as long as they can find what they are looking for. Dot com is certainly is deeply engrained in the psyche of most people when they think of the web, but most people (surely?) know that they have to check the domain extension and not just assume it’s going to be .com.

I believe .com will still rule for a good time. It is going to take more than a couple of years for the public to even realize the new TLD’s exist, how they are used and how they benefit the consumer and/or major brands and companies.

Which TLD do you expect to replace .com? All the new TLDs will belong to specific companies that are paying huge amounts of money for them - so no one of them is likely to be used for a huge number of domains except in the case of big web based companies - there may end up being a few dozen domains in the .google TLD - most of the others will probably have a lot fewer domains - ANY of the country specific or international domains are likely to be way more popular than the new company TLDs.

Except .sex … that’s the one I’m waiting to convert all my sites to. :shifty:

Heres my thoughts on these new domain names tlds: http://www.simplywebsites.com/blog/new-top-level-domain-names/

.com will always be king. But there are many close seconds now.

I think it will tkae several generations to ween the .com mentality out of most folks. I will not build a new website on anything but a .com because I don’t want previous customers or their referrals going to a competitor’s .com website when mine is a .net.

You mean that you don’t get both domains so that competitors can’t set up on the .net

I don’t think that was the meaning. If your site is called [noparse]mybrilliantsite.net[/noparse] but someone else owns [noparse]mybrilliantsite.com[/noparse], users looking for your site might inadvertently end up at the .com site instead. I prefer to do as scottymack does and only accept a .com domain, and then hopefully pick up the .net version as well (and maybe a few others) to avoid people going to the wrong domain.

But if you own BOTH domains then those trying to get to the .net who end up on the .com are still on one of your sites and you don’t have a competitor using the .net to compete with - they have to take some other domain even less like yours.

Actually, I kind of want a competitor to get the .net and hopefully do enough SEO to get business. I know I’ll get a good deal of his repeat or referral traffic and he’ll get none of mine. Having both will do nothing for me. Nobody types in .net accidentally. Obviously, if you become a household name like Nike or Reebok, it’s a different story. Of course, when you are a trademarked name like that, anybody with the .net has to give it up to you anyway.

COM will be ever a great choice for internet users. Ok, that was a bit over-the-top, but it is likely you get the point.

.Com is oversubscribed for potential domain registrants. They can find themselves forced to register domains completely unrecognizable as their existing or chosen business names.

Some few can turn to .net and say well non-profits organizations fit comfortably into .org, but most of us [internet people] will have a choice for to go neither and either .com is long gone.

Many of the new gTLDs will fail to gain critical mass (>1 million domains active).

Some will be complete failures and others will be very successful.

The .com TLD will continue to be the standard for accessing the global market. (Currently over 103 million domains.)

In some countries, .com is (or has been) being overtaken by the local ccTLDs in terms of local domains/websites.

It will take an average of five years to establish a new gTLD and the registration patterns of the first three years are highly speculative.


Well, its obvious fact that a website with .com as extension is given more credit than any other extension. The local domain name extensions would remain confined to the geographical locations and therefore, .us , .uk, .in, .au extensions cannot rule over .com. The domains such as .edu, .gov, and .org can have some higher importance but the these cannot be used in every context. So at the end of the day its .com which rules!