Width percentage not working on mobile device

I have a 3 X 3 gid with an image set to be a width of 31%. As the width of the browser decreases on a desktop, the images shrink and stay in the 3X3 grid as I would expect. But when I look at it on my iPad, they stay normal size and therfeore push everything down creating a single column of 9. What am I missing?

Here is my css code I am using:
.platnum-ads img { float: left; margin-right: 10px; width: 31%;}

Here is a link to the temporary site.

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Which version of the ipad and what ios is it running?

The mac emulator (which is 99% correct) shows the pictures ok in blocks of three.

I’;ll check on a real ipad later in the day when I can find it :slight_smile:

iPad Mini 2

Yes, just checked on my old ipad and the display is the same as shown in John’s screenshot above.

Either the site has been fixed since posted or perhaps there was a cache issue or perhaps you are using a browser other than safari (the default)?

Well, I had never even looked at it on my iPad before so when I brought it up for the first time and it was all in a single column I never even thought about refreshing the screen. Now that I have refreshed the screen it is fine. Oh well.

Thank you guys for checking and helping me out.

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