Why you can't walk properly on moon?

I knew the answer to this question but just forgotten curious about it. Moon has its own gravity, although lesser than earth’s. But astronauts can’t walk properly on moon like they walk on earth. Why is that?

Well, it’s also about atmosphere.

When you walk on Earth, there is an air column “keeping you in place”, pushing you down, beside gravity. Also, you’re used to walk against air resistance.

A SciFi scenario: take beings from denser environments, like water, and let them walk in a thinner environment, like on Earth’s surface. Their muscles may be too developed and the force they use to push down when taking steps may be too much.

And if you try to control that… welcome muscle soreness. Also, the way you walk, or navigate, even on Earth, is learned, it’s not a natural reflex. Your brain is used to make certain calculations and it takes time to adapt to a new reference system.

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Put on a suit like the astronauts were wearing and you probably won’t be able to walk properly here on earth either :slight_smile:

Ok, but why does video show like astronauts are levitating?

Are you after a conspiracy theory? :slight_smile:

Astronaut suits wore on The Moon had lead base shoes.

Again, when you walk on Earth you have to also win against the friction with the atmosphere, not just beat the gravitational pull, on every step you take. On the Moon, those are almost negligible.

In addition to having to deal with one-sixth the gravity of the earth, they also have to wear bulky spacesuits that do not give them much flexibility or mobility. I suspect it is easier to hop around than it is to move your legs like normal walking…
Although, I don’t know that from personal experience, but I’d sure like the opportunity to try it!

Here is something interesting, related to the subject: Google Moon

It’s a dusty place. You need sand slippers… :slight_smile:

because there is no gravity on the moon…

Yeah, and most of my friends don’t want to live on the moon, coz they say it lacks atmosphere. :shifty:

This is not quite true.
If there was no gravity all the dust on the surface of the moon would float away. And the moon would have far fewer craters. With no gravitational attraction only a few happenstance meteor strikes would occur.

Finally, EVERYTHING has gravity. Even the keyboard you are using has ‘some’ gravitational effect. It is inconsequential when compared to that of Earth, so you cannot see its effects.


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The size and hence the mass and hence the graviational force on the moon is much less than the one at earth. Therefore, with the same force you use to take a step on earth, you end up progressing much more on the moon, because it’s like taking a jump.

There is less gravity on the moon, because the moon has less mass than the earth. The moon’s gravity being one-sixth of the earth’s. Walking on earth is easy all because of heavy gravitational force that attract your weight. Remember “Newton’s Law of Gravity” states that there is an attracting gravitational force between any two objects in the universe. The force will be greater for more massive objects.

I think we all understood the reasons by now. Thread closed.