Why won't this PNG show as trasnparent? (not IE issue)

Check the image here: http://beta.downloadvideo.net/test.html

I saved it with transparency with PS & it shows with transparency when I open it in PS, but when I put it on a webpage it isn’t transparent??

Here is how it opens in PS: http://beta.downloadvideo.net/common/images/search_icon_example.png

Any help!? :confused:

It’s a white colour with 60% transparency— certainly not enough to let 100% black from a background through.

Alan22’s page also doesn’t look transparent to me: I can see the edges of each image.

Ralph, it looks like a PNG-32 and is using an alpha layer giving a translucency effect.

Hmm, that image doesn’t appear to be transparent at all. If I open it in Ps, and put a layer behind it, the layer doesn’t show through at all. It appears to be a solid image with gray squares on it. :confused:

Hmmmm thanks. But if it was transparent then why isn’t the left side completely black for example?

Here is how I want it to look… http://beta.downloadvideo.net/common/images/search_icon_example2.png

But as you can see on the page it doesn’t look like that… http://beta.downloadvideo.net/

The only place you need the fading to pure transparency is the bottom. I’d just erase the white from the upper right corner and left side of the mag glass, then gradient a fade-to-100%-transparency for the bottom (so long as the edge of the image is 100% transparent, you won’t see the edge of the image).

Something I’ve run into so many times doing Gaussian blurs on stuff that was already touching or close to the edges… the blur would stop at the edge because there was no room to fade completely, making ugly edges lawlz. Now I know to always extend my canvas before blurring!

Thanks for the helpful post - I will have to try & work around it I guess.

Hi, it seems to me your transparency is fine. Take a look here:


I have used your image without any modifications on different backgrounds, and it is transparent.