Why when i try to deobfuscate it crashes

why when i try to deobfuscate it crashes. im using this https://seosniffer.com/javascript-deobfuscator but it keep crashing my chrome windows

Who’s javascript are you trying to deobfuscate?

If it’s not yours, leave it alone. There’s a reason they obfuscate their code.


they stole my code and fired me. iam so angry with them, i dont know if you understand the feeling

If you wrote code while you are employee this is not your code…


ok i wrote the code while im an employee but when its time to collect checks i received none then they cut me off like out of memory thing

That’s rough man. That’s when it’s time to take them to court for your earnings.

They are relying on you doing nothing, or doing something stupid.
Don’t be stupid. Don’t do stupid shit. Don’t try to get your revenge, or try to harm them.

I know that you’re hurting, but you’ll only give them justification to harm you even more when you try to do things against them.

Take them to court for your well-deserved earnings, and leave things at that.
Let the rest be a lesson learned for your future endeavours.

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man im from africa court is a forbidden word in here. and its a remote job all i have is a contract that has vat number and digital signature

the contract was eaten by some rat. i dont know if the rat made more angry or them. i just when i saw it sit down and i found my self in tears, very tough spot i hope no one get into it

And if you do deobfuscate the code… what then? How does that get you money for your work? You wrote the code, right? So it’s not a secret to you what it says or does.

i ll tell you this if i found a vulnerability that allows me to watch ufc for free and some other one in youtube i can defnitly find one in their system.

But it’s your(?) system?

Also, I’m throwing my hat in the “leave this be” ring. Live and learn for next time.

“I can definitely find a way to exploit their system”
… Why? What does it get you?
… and you think that makes your position any more virtuous?

As has been said by others, you got burned. Learn from it. Or sue them. Either way. Persue this legally. Trying to exact some form of vigilante revenge is not going to get you anything except probably arrested.

I wish you the best of luck in the future.

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