Why we use Ruby & Rails?

Is it use for Web Development? I wanna to know it’s usage guys. Suggest me through any kinda of information.

Have you done any reading on this? There’s plenty of info out there. :slight_smile:

Rails is another server-side programming language that can be used to do the sorts of things you might do with PHP, for example. Many sites are powered by Rails, and there is a CMS (or two) that runs on it as well. You need to make sure it’s installed on your server before you can use it for a website, though (and unlike PHP, many hosts don’t have it ready to use by default).

Is it as like Xamp?:confused:

No, XAMPP is a server environment that allows you to run server-side code on your desktop—mainly Apache, PHP and MySQL, I believe. Ruby is a programming language, like PHP, and Rails is a Ruby framework (a bunch of pre-written code) to get you started.

Thank you.

Ruby is the language (as PHP, Python)
Rails / RoR is the framework (as CodeIgniter, Django)

And yes its for web development, but you can use ruby for any scripting…

There are some good open source web applications for Ruby, such as Redmine for project management. Very robust and mature. We are looking for thoughts from anyone who have integrated Redmine with Salesforce, though :slight_smile: