Why unexpected white space at the bottom of my footer?

http://sparkcoder.com/work/autokingdom/ This is a site i am developing. I have noticed that i can see some white space at the bottom of my site.I am unable to find errors :frowning: can you please help me ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Add float: left to .carFooter2 ul.

Do you mean just under the footer?
Your Copyright

is floating down and to the right, and it has a 10px padding around it

.aboutPage .pageArticle, p{ padding: 10px; }

With that removed that space goes away.

If you mean a different space, can you be more specific?

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I got my problem. The paragraph which is about COPYRIGHT is getting css from another sourse . So that there is a 10px padding. I have to remove it. :slight_smile: tnx for help.

Yap i got it finally. Thank a lot :slight_smile: It was a simple problem what i didint noticed.

It’s usually the simple problems that have me stuck for hours, not the hard ones! I hear that.


FYI you can use inspector tools like Firebug for FF or Chrome has a similar one…but you can right click the problem section (like the blank spot under the footer) and inspect element and it’ll tell you where the padding is coming from. What element specifically. Play around with it. It’s something EVERY developer should have in their corner.

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