Why sites like Sitepoint don't remove Google+ link from footer?


Why the websites like Sitepoint also don’t remove Google_ icon and link? Is it lethargy or ignorance. I am sure they must be having enough developers and designers to do this works.


From the page that it links to:

The process started in April, and took “a few months”. So… it’s not really ‘lethargy’.

Though i’m sure going onto the forum and calling the staff ignorant or lazy is DEFINITELY the right way to go about suggesting they remove it. Yep. Absolutely no way that could make you look bad.


I’d be interested to know why you think this is such an important issue, @t2india. It’s been almost four years since your last visit to the forums, yet you sound very angry about this. Why does it trouble you so much?

Personally, I’d prefer SitePoint to put any spare dev time into fixing some of the ongoing accessibility issues first. (Just because they have devs and designers on staff does not mean those people are sitting around waiting for things to do. I imagine they are fully employed.)


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