Why my website link is not being saved in digg?

when I submit my web link in Digg then it is not showing the saved link. what might cause?
am I blocked from Digg?

Have you tried asking Digg support?

Are you sure the link you submitted was of genuine value and interest, and within the rules of the site? If you have simply been trying to Spam your link, then I don’t imagine they appreciate that any more than we do.


That’s a good idea for asking Digg support. thank you TechnoBear

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digg now review your link before posting on the website . if they are unique then they usually show in their front page. but they don’t give any tracking or something like that whether they have accepted your link or not . the support are bad . i have contacted them they said they will look after that ,but never replied after that

They sorting the most commonly viewed or most frequently upvoted links, and approve some of the most interesting links.