Why is Object Oriented Programming so popular?

From web development companies to robotics companeis, two very different fields I guess, still Object Oriented Programming seems to me to lead the demand in programming paradigms from potential employees.

Is it very popual in other fields except web development and robotics? How about operating systems, Databases, and backoffice?

Anyway, why is it so popular?

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Almost all “mature” programming languages support OOP at some level. This includes javascript, .net, php, Rust, etc. Whether they go the full OOP route may vary (Rust doesn’t support inheritance for example). So your basic hypothesis is incomplete.

Databases don’t really support OOP as a concept because of the nature of what they are. They’re for storing data, and while the programming languages can use OOP to access the database, there isn’t really a OOP equivalent in SQL. SQL is more transactional/functional in nature. Go get data. go update data, etc.

The benefits of OOP are vast. Encapsulation and Inheritance are probably the two most widely used concepts as they encourage focused and less repetitive code. Abstraction is a benefit, but from my experience, a lot of the more beneficial uses of that concept are built into the languages themselves (string/array methods, sorting, etc) though you can build your own.

This is a topic which can go really long and veer wildly as there are so many pros and cons. One of the big cons is while it can simplify code, if also requires you to constantly revisit your code to ensure code creep hasn’t gotten in or to see if there are ways you can better improve the code.

I would suggest doing some searches for SOLID development principles, and see if you can understand those. If you can, then you’ll have a better idea of the benefits of OOP.


Databases are data. They are used by programs but they are not programming. Therefore Object Oriented Programming is not relevant.

Backoffice is a very general term. It might refer to messaging, word processing and databases, among others.

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is popular because it promotes code modularity, reusability, encapsulation, and abstraction. It simplifies complex systems, supports code organization, and models real-world scenarios effectively. Inheritance and polymorphism enhance flexibility, and OOP is widely taught and supported by popular programming languages, contributing to its widespread adoption.

Error Handling and Debugging

What about error handling and debugging? Please explain. You comment is unhelpful as it stands.

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