Why is my firefox displaying headers like this?

I noticed that when i view posts on nettuts, the headers appear like this on firefox and chrome…

Am i missing a font? How do i fix it?

It doesn’t look like a missing font (that’ll get you little boxes, or little boxes with gobbledygook inside). It looks like a mismatched charset.

It might be a problem on their end, but… in Firefox, go to View>Character Encoding and you’ll see if your browser is trying to auto-detect, or if it’s got a charset pre-defined. Assuming you’re using Western characters and most of the sites you visit are, you’ll want either the 8859-1 (Latin 1) choice or the UTF-8 one. I keep Auto-Detect off, but play around with those and see if you can suddenly see the headings.

I have a lot of trouble finding menus in Chrome, so I can’t help you there, but it would be similar.

Additionally, in Firefox, you can right-click on the page in question and see if you still have “View Page Info” as an option… if you do, it’ll tell you the charset their server is sending out. For fonts to work on a webpage, the charset actuially used in the web document (which you have no control over, TwitPic does) must match the charset declared by the server (also nothing you can do anything about) and additionally, it helps if your browser isn’t, say, looking for a Windows charset when the site’s sending out some standard charset.

Hope this helps.

I checked and the character encoding that my browser is using is utf-8. Character encoding (auto-detect) has been turned off. I notice something…i checked in firebug and i realised that this only happens if the font is set to helvetica.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: