Why is it so difficult to just display the forum I posted in?

I can see my thread; I can’t see it in the actual forum I posted to. :angry: I hate hate hate this platform, ungh!

I’m sorry to hear that. Which thread are you talking about? What is related to or what is it about?

I’m confused… when you created your topic, didn’t it direct you to your topic? Can you try to explain what you mean?

When you go to your topic do you see anything like this with a slash through it anywhere?

@Mittineague All the topics I’ve checked were visibile, So that’s no the issue, as far as I know

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These are your last few posts:

OK, I think I’ve got it now. “thread” as in raw preview, “forum” as in cooked post ?

This post took a couple of tries to get it into shape

Does this how-to help? Can you think of how it could be improved?

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