Why in bootstrap 4.1 left aside menu icon to dropdown items is not on valid place?

I have a left aside menu with submenus in laravel 5.7 / blade/ Bootstrap 4.1 app and if some element of submenu is opened
I want to keep open parent menu item. I tried to keep it my current control name as :

    <?php $manage_storage= ($current_controller_name == 'ClientsController'); ?>

	<div class="sidebar-header">
		@if(isset($app_name))<h3>{{ $app_name }}</h3>@endif

	<ul class="list-unstyled components">

			<a href="#users_submenu" data-toggle="collapse" aria-expanded="false" class="dropdown-toggle">Manage Users</a>
			<ul class="collapse list-unstyled" id="users_submenu">
					<a href="#">Manage Departments</a>
					<a href="#">Manage Users</a>

			<a href="#manage_storage_submenu" data-toggle="@if($manage_storage) dropdown @else collapse @endif" aria-expanded="@if($manage_storage) true @else false @endif" class="@if($manage_storage) @else dropdown-toggle @endif">Manage Storage</a>
			<ul class="collapse list-unstyled @if($manage_storage) show @endif" id="manage_storage_submenu">
				<li class=" @if($current_controller_name == 'ClientsController') active @endif ">
					<a href="{{ url('admin/clients') }}">Manage Clients</a>
					<a href="#">Manage Locations</a>

				<li class=" @if($current_controller_name == 'WarehousesController') active @endif ">
					<a href="{{ url('admin/warehouses') }}" >Manage Warehouses</a>


So if clients page is opened, then Manage Storage menu must be opened.

But it does not work as I expected:
Please, open :
It is under credentials admin@demo.com 111111

look at http://demo2.nilov-sergey-demo-apps.tk/admin/dashboard and http://demo2.nilov-sergey-demo-apps.tk/admin/clients pages
for the first page (when Manage Storage is not opened) icon to dropdown submenu items is in other place of the page:
on the second page( when Manage Storage is opened ) I do not see the icon to dropdown submenu items.

How to fix it ?


One problem is you have duplicate ID’s. Run your code through a validator and fix all the issues it tells you.

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