Why Google Tag assistant found 2 tags a website?

Why does the Google tag’s assistant detect 2 tags on this website when I just see only one when browsing the source code?

Because you’ve included a Widget that also uses a GA tag. Do a Search in All Files on the page, and look for “UA-”, and you’ll find the widget in question.

You’re right @m_hutley in the developers’ console, I indeed found out it is coming from www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js

I assume that the G- property is associated with that tag in Analytics, but I must admit that the new G4 is an awful maze for me so I might struggle a little to find where. I have published the same question in the Google Analytics Community but so far I haven’t received an answer yet.

It looks like I am doing something wrong in the migration process to Analytics G4 as I bumped into exactly the same issue in a couple of websites: I have got the new G4 property and somehow the legacy tag is coming along too.
Any idea where in Google Analytics I should look at?
I asked Google Bart for help but I got nothing out of it.

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