Why does wow.min.js not run simply by linking to it, why do I need additional script initiating it as 'new'

I am not familiar with JS but I use it based on tutorials to get certain functionality. I have my page linked to a number of scripts that work fine but 1 does not. I have to have an extra embedded script to initiate it. Why ? Is there another way as it seems untidy.

<script src="js/wow.min.js"></script>
<script>new WOW().init();</script>

Why do I need this second script, is there a tidier way of doing this

Because the object constructor (WOW()) can take a set of customization parameters. Those parameters must need to be set prior to initialization, so the system can’t assume your settings and initialize on load.

Take a look at the “Customize Settings” section of the wow.js documentation page.



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