Why does this not center the div pictures area

I have a website that I need the line of pictures centered in the area that is allowed for them. However, it appears they will not. I have tried viewing this in FF and IE9 and IE11 but they just don’t “behave”. There are two lines of pictures (more lines will follow when I figure out what I am doing :wink:

Any critique would be helpful.


Hi fredep57.

Your link goes to a 404 page, “Page Not Found”. Wanna change it?

Sorry, the URL is really this one (fat fingers name matching slim mind )

Your easiest course of action would be to display:table #center and auto margin it for centering.

#center {display:table;margin:0 auto;}

I tried this but it is not centering.

You’ve changed the HTML since I last posted. It worked for me originally on Firebug so I know I was right before.

Your HTML now has it as .centr

Remove the width on .centr and apply the display:table;margin:0 auto;

RyanReese, thanks. It appears to be working now.

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