Why do hackers hack?

Hi. I know a lot of you can help me here. You see, our website has been hacked again recently and this is the third time it happened. I don’t really understand why they do this. What is the best thing we should do to prevent these hackers do their thing? Please help!

That’s like asking

Why do people walk?

Because some people do it for a living and some people do it for the shear pleasure. If you want to stop getting hacked, you HAVE to start changing whatever you are doing wrong. If you are using a generic basic log in portal or login destination, add in a 2-Factor Authentication login instead of a generic login method.

Another way to stop getting hacked is to stop allowing simple passwords to be used. People can brute force simple passwords like iamasheep in seconds. You HAVE to enforce better passwords. Preferably 8 characters long with a required set of different characters (this includes double characters in the same passwords such as “sheep”, maybe allow only “shep”). So the user HAS to have at least 1 special character in their password, 1 capitalization in their password, 1 numeric character in their password, and at least 1 lower case character in their password. And lastly, the length of the password HAS to be no less than 8 characters long. So a strong password can be




The hacker doesn’t give a crap (sorry if I sound like an a-hole, but I am telling you the honest truth) what the password is. They don’t care if your user doesn’t want to use strong passwords because it’s too hard to remember for a person with an IQ of more than 90. They just DON’T care. All they care about is breaking into your system and gaining access to your user’s information. Nothing will stop them unless you do it. And if requiring the use of stronger passwords help reduce this non-sense. So be it.

Another thing that could help reduce the possibility of getting hacked is to ALWAYS update any 3rd party softwares. If you use a software that is 10+ years old, you might want to update it if there are any updates available. I don’t know how many times I have told people to update their softwares and no one listens. I mean look at it this way, say you just went out and bought a store built laptop. It costs you about $520 USD and you’re very happy about it. Say your Windows OS build is 3158 (just picking a random number) and you have the laptop for about 4 months now. Then Microsoft releases a security patch for Windows build 3158 because there was a bug that allows a hacker to sniff for your Mac address without you even knowing it. You (the consumer) see this, but you decide not to update it because the updates take too long and it’s very tedious for you. You just want to be able to turn on your laptop without these security patches and get on your laptop. Next following day, you get hacked. You do everything you can to get your files back, but you can’t.

So. Let me ask you this question. Who’s fault is it? Is it Microsoft’s fault or is it you (the consumer’s) fault? I mean Microsoft did their part. They released a security patch that removes this bug from your system. But you didn’t care. All you just wanted to do was get on your laptop without having any of these “updates” popping up.

I mean seriously. I don’t mean to sound like an a-hole or anything, but a large majority of users who use any kind of technology like a laptop or a computer or a website typically don’t give a crap about updates. In today’s reality with technology, in order to keep your account and information safe, you MUST ALWAYS update EVERYTHING if there is an update available. It’s not like some kind of business venture where you can buy a stock of bonds, set it aside for 10 years, come back and be rich. You HAVE to be actively involved in order to thrive. The IT field is misrepresented by main stream media and Hollywood. In the movies, they make the IT field so easy as if a toddler can do it. All I hear is “Google is going to make things easier for people, you don’t need to code anymore.” Or “Why take all these precautions and make your life harder when you can get this bundle for half the price and it’s A LOT easier to use too.”

All these crap are what makes it super easy for hackers to break. I remember watching this video a while back and this guy who did this TedTalk basically talks about why he hacks and his philosophy about IT and hacking. You should play the video at 8 minutes and 30 seconds. Then after you watch that part, rewind it back to 7 minutes and 25 seconds. He’ll talk about his views on System Administrators and their arguments. He makes a lot of very good points.


Hackers are various types. Ethical hackers are good. But some black hackers have the intention to damage our websites and hacks the details. Some of the hackers are do hacking without any particular reasons. If you set up more security features will secure your website from hackers. Maybe your enemies can hire hackers for damage your sites.

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Specifically what type of hacking have you suffered?
There are a number of different ways that a site can be hacked.
Was it the same way every time, or did you close one door, then they found another?
If they are doing it the same way, you need to bolt up that door, but without knowing the nature of the hack, it is hard to advise.

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