Why cant you send file or attachments in the outlook, is it possible to get hotmail

Hi, ever since they changed hotmail to outlook, I cant send a file or anything.
It says send file as attachment, I do this, but then it says uploading, but nothing happens, then it says uploaded 0 of 100 (0.00MB)
then I try upload again another pic, and it just says, wait till file uploaded or something, but nothing ever happens.
Is it possible to get the old hotmail back. this new outlook sucks.


Sorry you are having issues. Have you tried using a different browser? A lot of times that is the issue when web based features won’t work properly. You could also try uploading a test file. Use something very small like a .txt file with a few characters in it. If that uploads fine maybe it’s the file you are trying to upload.

Hope those suggestions help,