Why can't we send web pages as html emails

Hi, I’ve just started my own HTML email from scratch (was using templates before) and I coded it like a webpage (except I used tables instead of divs etc.) and went I sent a test it went awry and didn’t look how it looked in broswer. I know the rules aren’t the same and you have to over-complicate everything with out-of-date code, but why? Why can’t we just code a webpage and send that as an email?

Because css only works inline and there’s no javsscript? The javascript would be a safety issue, the css is just laziness on the email client providers part.

But we don’t need to use JS, well, for a simple HTML email anyways and CSS working inline wouldn’t matter too much I’ve seen other examples and they’re mindblowing considering it’s all in tables and whatnot I jsut don’t see why email providers such as outlook and Google can’t read HTML the same way it would a webpage, it would open a door for marketing and IT if we were able to use simplier but more effective code.

You must not get to much spam email then…LOL :smiley: Kidding aside, I use PHPMailier and it does simple html, though I keep it to the basic and make sure my plain old vanilla looking email looks good without it. :wink:

Because the email clients are not sophisticated like web browsers are. They don’t all understand complex CSS, for example, and others don’t understand CSS3. For that reason you pretty much have to code your HTML email as in the Dark Ages. You can use the email packages that companies offer, of course.

As other people said, email clients (web or other type) don’t render as a web browser do. Why? Nobody knows. You don’t understand why… and we don’t either.
In the particular case of Outlook, it uses Word as editor en rendering engine… What do you expect? lol