Why Aweber not Mailchimp?

Please i want a review of this two mail marketing providers.

I have used both of these email marketing services and here’s a summary of what I think about each of them.

It has a free plan, which is great for beginners. The interface is simple-to-use and easy-to-understand. It is also adding useful new features at a faster rate than most email marketing services out there. In terms of email deliverability, I am not an expert to comment on the technicalities but I’m satisfied with my open and click rates.

One particular feature that I love most is that you are able to set your email to be sent out at a certain time regardless of time zones. For example, if you have specified your email to be sent out at 9AM on a particular day, the email will reach your users at 9AM in their respective time zones.

If you have an existing email database, you can import it into Mailchimp and start sending emails to your subscribers without having them to verify their subscription again.

However, there is no way to build lists on a campaign basis. For example, you have a main email list for blog readers and another email list for subscribers that signed up for a special ebook. If a subscriber is on both the lists, he or she will get two copies of your broadcast message if you have it sent all your lists. This was the main reason why I switched to AWeber but this may have changed since then.

Getting used to its interface requires a steeper learning curve and it doesn’t come with a free plan. I’ve got no complains about its deliverability and I still get around the same open and click rates as Mailchimp.

It might be a hassle to migrate your email list to AWeber because the importing of subscriber emails will require your subscribers to verify their subscription all over again.

The good thing about AWeber is that it allows me to send a broadcast to multiple lists and duplicated emails will only receive the broadcast once.

Do let me know if you have more questions about the two email marketing services above.

thanks wayne,the only problem am having now is importing from mailchimp to aweber.i guess the best option am having now is to use single optin on mailchimp(as that is what i am using presently)so that when i want to import it to aweber i will attach a message telling them to confirm their email(hope a message can be attached)so that they wouldn’t have to confirm their email twice.

I tried both and discovered that MailChimp has quite some limitations but that’s normal for a free service. 2 weeks ago the page usa.weloveourhost.com/aweber.html convinced me to try Aweber for $1 for the first month and I must say I’m very satisfied especially because the delivery rate is much better than MailChimp.

Agreed. That is the hassle that goes with migrating from one service to another service.

There are many paid services that are excellent. I happen to use constantcontact, but I think the same goes for all of them (IMN, etc.). All your subscribers would have to double opt-in again: first, sign up for the mailing list, second, reply to the email sent to them to confirm that they, indeed, wish to be added to the mailing list. I am not aware of any service that makes the switch-over easy.

Mailchimp is cool and what’s important it’s free, therefore you understand that paid service is obviously better. But not that much actually, I tried both and I’ve come to conlusion that the only aweber pro is delivery rate.

At MochaHost we are Mailchimp and it does a great job. We don’t have the problem with duplicate emails. When we were choosing an email marketing platform Aweber was our second choice, but we did not like the fact that subscribers have to verify their subscription personally. Sometimes we send important messages about server restarts or updates that may not reach the recipients if they did not confirm. A bonus is that fact that it is really easy to work with Mailchimp.