Why are my Bootstrap 4 data-toggle="tooltip" titles blury

Hi All

I am using the following code for roll over tool tips:

data-toggle=“tooltip” title=“View”

It works but the text is blurry.

I can’t work out why or how to fix it.

Any suggestions?


It may be related to a bug mentioned here or more info here.

If you post a link to the site or a replication of the problem we could try and see if removing the 3d transforms is possible (as they seem to be a cause).


Thanks for your help… I have spent quite some time on this… made sample code and ran it on different browsers and different computers… I was going to post sample code and link to the file with the blurry text via the server IP address to discover that via the IP address the text was no longer blurry… I talked with several people as this did not make sense… this issue was in Google Chrome and the zoom said that it was at 100%… there is a reset option and I clicked that and the text was crisp again… I think that at some point I somehow accidentally somehow set this particular domain name at a zoom and it did not correctly set back to 100%… weird issue but fixed now.


Lol if you had posted a demo and screenshot we could have saved you some time on this :slight_smile: . Glad it’s now sorted.

You’d be surprised how many times people have done the same thing and I have answered many threads where zoom was the culprit.

People don’t realise that some browsers remember zoom on a domain basis and if you accidentally zoomed a site it will appear at that zoom level when you visit next. :;

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The thing that really through me off was that the zoom was saying 100%… it wasn’t until I reset it was it fixed.

The original code is in a login area and it wasn’t until I made the sample code did I realise.

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Yes that sounds a bit weird. These things are never straight forward. :slight_smile:

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