Why all the hype today about AI ? AI exists from several years

Why all the hype today about AI ? AI exists from several years specially in games.

Probably because it is now much more readily available to the masses and has advanced further, being more capable than it previously was.

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One thing has changed. The hardware (such as GPUs) supporting AI has become more affordable. And AI has existed in many things, certainly not just games.

Something I am not aware of existing is medical diagnosis AI systems. They talked about that decades ago but I have not seen any of that. ChatGPT does little or none of that.

I have heard talk of it being used in the development of new medical treatments, but not diagnosis.

Today’s AI craze extends beyond video games. The enthusiasm has been stoked by recent developments in deep learning, practical applications in several industries, improved processing power, the accessibility of massive data, and ethical considerations. The focus given to AI is driven by its effects on both technology and society.

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AI in games is very different from chatgpt. Both of them are essentially only called AI, but chatgpt at least knows how to analyze the question and answer adequately, albeit not always correctly. While “AI” in games mostly act according to given scripts, and all their free will lies in avoiding obstacles and choosing your kill strategy depending on your actions.

The recent hype surrounding AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be attributed to several factors that have converged in recent years. While AI has indeed been in existence for several years, the recent surge in excitement can be attributed to significant breakthroughs and advancements in AI technologies, particularly in the fields of deep learning and natural language processing. These advancements have enabled more practical and impressive applications of AI, capturing the public’s attention and generating enthusiasm.

Furthermore, AI technologies have become increasingly integrated into various aspects of daily life and numerous industries. From voice assistants and recommendation systems to autonomous vehicles and medical diagnoses, AI’s presence is now more visible and relevant to people’s lives, amplifying the overall excitement and curiosity surrounding its potential.
I don’t believe AI is excellent for work and learning new things AI makes individuals inactive and does not boost their thinking skills.

thank you!

That is a Paradox. (True and untrue at the same time).

It is very easy to let AI “think” for you and hinder your thinking skills. At the same time you can indeed learn new things. It just depends on how to use it.


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