Who Want to be A PHP Certified?

Hi, everyone, I am PHP certified and i would like to help those who want to be PHP certified. So feel free to contribute and ask me. I hope we will develop a great discussion by our mutual understanding and as well as develop a useful path for others.


Hi Alberta, and welcome to the forums.

Perhaps you could explain a bit more what you mean by “PHP certified”. Which certification do you hold? What do you see as the advantages of certification?

I’m PHP certified for I went to the “School of Hardknocks”. :smile:


@Alberta, Is that free for getting a certification ?

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Zend PHP

So, for clarification, this conversation seems to be about being Zend PHP (Framework, presumably) certified, a la http://www.zend.com/en/services/certification

This is a waste of time in my opinion unless specializing in Zend. If you’re specializing in Zend you’re wasting time… but if you already have it why not flaunt it – I guess. You know one modern PHP framework you can learn them all. Not to mention Zend it a bit of a relic similar to perl. There are SO many more adequate options available than Zend framework but if you stuck with it you’re stuck. I’m definitely no stranger to managing older software. I would take experience over certification any day. I would even take experience in other frameworks over someone who just had a Zend certification.

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Related article: http://www.sitepoint.com/pros-cons-zend-certification/

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It is not completely free but i can give you some questions paper that is free. If you want.

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